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How to Create a Vision Board that Will Lead You to Success

I have been doing a lot of visualisation about my business, Finding Your Best You, lately.  It has been incredibly powerful and motivating.  From visualising the services that I would like to offer to women who feel like they’re struggling and the natural techniques that I will like to teach women to gain power over their mental health, to visualising how I would like my business to run, day to day and why I even want to open up my own online private practice in first place.  So much has been going through my head that I decided to try and keep track of it in some form of logical sense in a way of a vision board.

In this blog post, I share the strategy I used in creating my own vision board for my business, Finding Your Best You.  Use this strategy to create your own vision board if you have a goal that you’d like to work towards, whether that might be learning natural ways of managing your anxiety or a goal of recovering from your mental illness.

How to Create a Vision Board that will Lead to Success

So, what is a vision board anyway?

A vision board is a visual tool made from an arrangement of images, quotes and other visual ideas that represents your goal, what your life is going to be like once you get there and how it’s going to make you feel.  Having these things as a visual reminder is frickin’ powerful stuff.

The purpose of a vision board is that it is used as a contact visual reminder of your goal in order to keep you motivated.  I have my vision board up on my wall above my desk.  Sometimes its easy for me to lose sight on where I’m going or I become confused and overwhelmed.  Having my vision board right in front of me is incredibly useful when I feel uncertain, have any doubt that what I’m doing isn’t going to be useful, when I get frustrated and when I begin to feel fearful and my anxiety kicks in, telling me that my whole business is a total waste of time.

A vision board is a collection of images, quotes, words and numbers that are arranged on a poster, a board or a page in your journal.  I chose to create a massive poster for my vision board for the purpose of having it ‘smack-bang’ in front of me.


How I Finally put my Vision Board Together


STEP 1:  My Goal

The first step in creating my vision board was to actually work out what it is that I wanted to achieve.  I had to think of my goal and by doing this I was giving it energy.  For a long time now, I’ve wanted to leave my 9-5pm job working with children in foster care and go out into the world on my own.  I am passionate about giving women the space and skills that they need to be mentally healthy and to be their best self, so Finding Your Best You was born.


STEP 2:  Answering the Important Questions

Unpacking my goal of opening up my own online private practice and exploring why its something I am remotely interested in required me having a willingness to open up and honestly answer some pretty tough questions.  It required me to be ‘selfish’ and think about ‘what’s in it for me’?  I needed to think about what it is that I want to get out of it – a dream home that I could work from and leave the slog of committing to a 9-5 work routine.  I needed to think of the exact things that are going to keep me going when it feels like things are getting too hard and when it seems like the easiest option would be to return to full time work.


STEP 3:  Collect Your Images

I found most of my images online but the images that you can use to create a vision board can be found absolutely anywhere.  They could be in your photo albums already (make copies if needed), magazines, newspapers, catalogs or online.  Include positive words, affirmations and inspirational quotes that resonate with you and that will keep you motivated.  I used the printer that I have in my office to print out all of my images.

When you step back and look at the images you’ve collected, you begin to see themes about your goal and how you’re going to feel once you’ve achieved it.


STEP 4:  Arrange Your Board 

There is no right or wrong way to arrange your vision board.  Arrange it in such a way that it is going to create meaning for you.  It took me a little while to create the layout that I wanted for my vision board.


This is what I came up with when I created my vision board for ‘Finding Your Best You’.  I tried setting it out many ways but this way worked for me the most.  My focus of the board is in the middle.  On the left is my vision for ‘Finding Your Best You’ and on the right is what I’m going to do once I achieve my goal and how I am going to feel once I get there.


Your turn! 

Do you have a goal that you’ve always wanted to work towards?  It could be anything.  It could be that you want to lose weight, that you want to earn extra income or it could be recovering from your mental illness.

I want you to think like you’ve already achieved what you’re setting out to do.

What does it look like?  How do you feel?

I want you to be creative when you work on your vision board.  Give yourself permission to spend time on this activity.  Think about the prompts listed below when creating your vision board.  

  • What will your life look like when you’ve achieved your goal?
  • How are you going to feel once you’ve achieved it?
  • How is your life going to be different?

Think about the colours, the feelings, the words and your rewards.  You can also include motivational quotes or anything that is going to keep you motivated along the way.  Your going to use your board as a motivation prompt when you feel anxious and fearful and have those moments of self-doubt. 

I’d like to see what you have come up with.

Here’s to finding your best you.

Ashleigh x

Knowing what to work on first can affect your success-3


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10 Day ‘Spend Time Outside’ Challenge

Join me on my first 10 Day Challenge of 2018.  My aim is to host a challenge that promotes self-care, health, wellness, positive mental health and self-discovery every month.  This month I challenge you to spend time outside everyday for 10 days straight.

How to Create a Vision Board that Will Lead You to Success (4)


The Details: 

  • The challenge will begin on the 1st March 2018 and continue for 10 days straight.
  • To register – click here.  Registration is free.
  • Encourage your friends to join as well.
  • I will email you a reminder everyday.
  • Share a photo of yourself participating in the challenge on the daily Facebook prompt or Instagram.

What do you think? Reckon you could do it?

Click to register.


The Benefits of Going Outside 

There are many benefits to going outside and spending time in nature.  Spending time outside benefits our physical health and wellbeing and also our mental health.  It can:

  • make exercising easier.
  • promotes weightloss.
  • help to increase brain function.
  • increase your intake of Vitamin D.
  • help to reduce your stress levels.
  • help make you feel happy.
  • can help you to improve your short term memory.
  • help you to restore your mental energy.


List of Suggestions 

Are you stumped with ideas on what you can do outside?  I’ve created a list of some suggestions based on the things I can do below.

  • Go for a walk by the river
  • Go for a walk in a park
  • Weed the garden.
  • Sit in the sun.
  • Eat breakfast or drink a beverage outside.
  • Meditate outside.
  • Go to the local farmers market.
  • Walk along the beach.
  • Go for a picnic.
  • Wash the car.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Fly paper airplanes.


Be Accountable 

Do you need help to keep yourself accountable?  I have listed three ways that you can keep yourself accountable below.

  • Facebook:  Everyday I will post a prompt on Facebook.  Share a photo of yourself outside on the post everyday.  Let everyone know how you are feeling and what you are thinking.
  • Instagram:  Share a photo of yourself with the hashtag #fyby10daychallenge.
  • Email:  Reply directly to your email prompt with a photo of yourself outside.

I’ll share the images from my 10 day challenge below.

Have you registered?  If not, click here.

Here’s to finding your best you.

Ashleigh x


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This Goal Planning Technique Will Get You On Track

In this blog post I share with you a technique that I use in planning action towards a specific goal.  I use this activity as part of my ‘Find Your Best You’ online program.  I call it an ‘action log’, which is basically a brainstorm of all the things you think you need to do in order to reach your goal.  This technique is one of my favourite things to do in the planning process.  I always get a feeling of being in control when I have all my thoughts down on paper right in front of me.

How to Create a Vision Board that Will Lead You to Success (2)

Firstly, you know what you want to work towards?  Yes!

You’re feeling overwhelmed at the very thought of it?  Yes!

You have no idea where to start?  Yes!

There is no right or wrong way to do this.  If you’re old fashioned like me you can use pen and paper or if you’re a techno wiz you can brainstorm on your phone, Ipad or laptop.  I doesn’t matter which way you do this, as long as you can keep a record of your thoughts.  I like to mindmap.

For the next 10-15 minutes I want you to list everything that you can think of what you think needs to happen for you to achieve your goal.  Think in the short term, the medium term and also the long term.  Don’t be too worried about what it is that you need to do first.  You’re simply brainstorming here.

If your goal is to lose weight, you might include some of the following in your action log: 

  • Buy a set of scales
  • Google what foods are good to eat
  • Book an appointment with a dietician
  • Go through the cupboards and get rid of things that are unhealthy
  • Google healthy recipes and pick one new recipe to try each week
  • Pick a day to go for a 30 minute walk each week

Once you’re done, take a look at your list.  How does it make you feel?  Do you feel daunting and overwhelmed or do you feel that you’re beginning to get a clear idea about what you need to do to get there?

Now Determine Priorities 

From the list, what do you think needs to happen first?  You can start to put your list in order of priority.  I teach you how to determine priorities in this blog post.

I encourage you at the same time to include time frames for when each specific task needs to be completed.  If we don’t have this we can put things off and lose track.  It can also help keep yourself accountable.  From here you can begin to list specific tasks into your calendar, planner or journal.

I offer a free email course where I can help you work out what you need to do first from everything that you’ve brain stormed.  

Free email course

If you’d like to share what you came up with, you’re welcome to post a comment below, send me an email or share on my Facebook page.

Here’s to finding your best you.

Ashleigh x