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How to Create a Plan and Kick Butt

Are your ready to lose weight, reduce debt, begin your journey of self discovery, grow your business or grow your blog?  If so, I am super excited to tell you about a free workbook and email course that you can do to finally:

  • create your plan
  • take back control
  • live the life you deserve

How to Create a plan and kick butt


I wrote this free email course, workbook and guide because I wanted to teach you how to create a plan so you can finally kick butt and achieve what it is that you want to achieve. Whether it be losing weight, reducing your debt, begin your journey of self discovery, growing your business or growing your blog.  I want you to accomplish whatever it is that you have set your mind to do.

By downloading the workbook and joining the course you can learn how to create a plan that can help you to:

  • reduce your debt and finally have savings.
  • be organised so you can actually get things done.
  • finally lose the weight you said you were going to lose and have that confidence that you have always dreamed of.
  • be strong, fit and healthy.
  • get out of that dead-end job and being working in a career that is fulfilling.
  • get balance back into your life so you can spend quality time with the people you care about.
  • launch and grow your business.
  • launch and grow your blog.
  • accept your self and who you are and grow through personal development.
  • finally reduce those feelings of anxiety and stress and live your life the way you want to.
  • declutter your home and create a home life that you have always wanted.


Are you ready to create that plan?  Download your free workbook and join the course now.

By the end of the five day course you will come away with an action plan that will make you feel motivated and empowered to achieve your goal and achieve the success that you have always wanted.

So, are you ready to:

  • stop feeling stuck?
  • stop feeling like you want more and actually have more?
  • stop feeling like something is missing and actually work it out and get it?
  • start living a lifestyle that’s positive, rewarding and fulfilling?
  • stop feeling overwhelmed and actually make a start?
  • stop repeating the same goal year and year and actually do something about it?
  • take back control?

How bad do you want it?  Get it for free.


Free email course

What to Expect

Right from the start I’m going to speak to you like you’ve already achieved your goal and the success that you have always dreamed of.

You can reuse your workbook at anytime or whenever you have a goal that you want to achieve.  Each day for the next five days I will walk you through each step of the planning process.  I will be with you every step of the way.

You will learn how to develop an achievable goal using the SMARTER method and break down your goal in easy, actionable and achievable steps.


Are you ready?  Get started now.

As you work through your free workbook or as we work together through each step in the planning process you will move away from having an idea and actually making it into an achievable plan.  We’re going to work together to create an action plan that is realistic and achievable.  Stop wasting your time floundering around, falling off the bandwagon.

Are you ready to find your best you?  Download now.

Ashleigh x

create a plan - live the life - take back control