Early Enrollment – Recharge, Refuel and Rejuvenate: Create Your Self-Care Plan

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How to recognise your warning signs early.

Early enrollment is open for this online, self-paced therapeutic program.

Recharge, Refuel and Regenerate:  Recognise your Warning Signs and Create your Self-Care Plan

By the end of the program you’ll have a plan that outlines what YOUR warning signs are and things that YOU know you can do that make YOU feel good and meet YOUR needs in a positive and healthy way.

Once you have your plan and begin using it you’ll be on the road to:

  • feeling more motivated and productive
  • improving your resistance to illness and disease
  • feeling good about yourself and know your self worth
  • becoming more aware of yourself, your needs and how you can meet your needs in a positive way.

Throughout the program you will explore:

  • Where things are at right now?
  • Your goals for the program and why they are important to you
  • Your beliefs about self-care and why you may have been neglecting it
  • How you meet your needs and what things you do that make you feel good
  • Your triggers and your early warning signs
  • A plan full of ideas that YOU find helpful so when you notice your warning signs you can put your plan to action.

When you enroll into this program you will:

  • Get unlimited access to the program content
  • Short videos
  • A workbook full of activities and journal prompts
  • NOTE:  You will be advise when ALL content is available.




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