How to Assess Your Life Balance

In this post I explain how important it is to have balance in your life.  I share with you my own experience of not having life balance and how it had affected me.  I take you through an activity that will briefly assess where things are at in your life balance using an activity that I share in my ‘Find Your Best You’ online course.

How to assess your life balance plus a free worksheet

I have a story that I’d like to share with you.  It’s a story about personal experience, the importance of living a balanced life and when things become unbalanced you can run the risk of losing sight of all of those other things that are important and experiencing one of those ‘difficult to swallow’ moments.

I obsessed with keeping busy and I was determined to get out of the ‘traditional’ working lifestyle.  I would keep busy by working.  I’d work 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and each day I would come home to work on my side hustle business, keeping busy.  On weekends I wouldn’t be doing the things that I should have been doing.  You would find me in the spare room working on my side hustle.  This same pattern of my week went on for 18 months or so.

I started to notice things were changing.  My side hustle business was becoming more important than my relationships.  The things that I once really liked doing was becoming a chore.  Things that were not stressful before were turning to the biggest stressors of my life.  There was no living.  I was ‘existing’.  


I recall a significant wake up call for me.  It was a Sunday night and my husband had gone to the bathroom.  I was sitting on the couch watching mindless television as I always do when I prepare myself for the work week ahead.  All of a sudden I felt like I could not breath.  I felt like I was suffocating.  I felt so lost and confused.  I felt overwhelmed and anxious.  I felt like my body was full of toxic energy.  I felt like I was having a crisis and I couldn’t control it.  It was at that critical moment that I knew that things needed to change.

My life had become unbalanced, majorly, and I was determined to make things right.  I was determined to eliminate those things in my life that were making me feel toxic and I was determined to live that positive, fulfilling life that I had always dreamed of.  

I’m here to teach you how to do the same.  I don’t want you to get to that point, ever.  My role is to help you give you the skills so you can work towards your fulfilling living that you have always wanted. 


Assessing Your Balanced Life 


In order to live a life that is balanced life, that’s positive and fulfilling, you must first know who you are and what it is that you need to live a fulfilling life.  My role in this job is to encourage and support you to explore what things are important to you, why they’re important and give you the skills to achieve that life you’ve always hoped and dreamed of.

I’m going to encourage you to consider and explore all of the main pillars that make up a balanced lifestyle.  This is an activity that we do in my ‘Find Your Best You’ online program.


In this activity you’re going to explore different aspects of your life, from your health to your career and everything in between.  All of these areas contribute to that fulfilling life that you crave.

This is my bullet journal variation of the Life Balance Worksheet.

(you can download your free worksheet here)

What does each area look like right now?

On a scale of 1 to 10, I want you to rate each aspect of your life on the life wheel.

1 = very dissatisfied about where this is at right now

10 = you’re so satisfied with this right now that nothing needs to be different at this point in time.


What did you uncover? 

What did you notice?  Is your life in balance or does it need work?

If lots of things came up for you during the activity and you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s okay.  Acknowledge how you’re feeling and tell yourself that it is okay to work on one thing at a time.  

What was your biggest learning from this activity?  What area do you think you need to work on first?

I understand that this can be an overwhelming process.  I am here to support you if needed.  If you’re feeling up to it I encourage you to share your thoughts below or on my Facebook page.  If not, you’re welcome to contact me by email. 

Here’s to finding your best you.

Ashleigh x



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