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Stop Feeling Unhappy, Depressed and Burnt Out. Give Yourself the Care you Need with the Ultimate Self-Care Kit

I have a product that I know that you’re going to love.  It’s the exact thing that you know you want to help you keep organised and to stay on top of things.  I’ve created the Ultimate Self-Care Kit workbook, which is now available in store.  It has been a godsend to me and the women that I work with in helping them to keep on track with their self-care and mental health.

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What is the Ultimate Self-Care Kit?

The Ultimate Self-Care Kit is a workbook full of clean and simple layouts that are helpful and practical.  The workbook is ideal for those who can sometimes forget to make their self-care a priority or for people who struggle with loving themselves,  struggle with giving themselves the care that they need to feel good and refreshed or struggle with their mental health.  The best thing about the Ultimate Self-Care Kit is that it gives you space to learn about yourself, how you can grow as a person and how you can be your best you.

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Create New Habits

The human brain is a creature of habit.  Even though it is the most complex organ in the human body, the brain loves it when things can become so automatic that it doesn’t have to do too much thinking.  The workbook is helpful in the way that it can help you to create new, healthy and positive habits by setting up a routine, keeping you organised and accountable when you need it and helpful in keeping you to stay motivated to keep on top of things.

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What’s in the Workbook?

The Ultimate Self-Care Kit has:

  • Journal prompts that encourage personal reflection and learning so that you can learn about yourself, what things you need and how you can continue to grow as a person.
  • Simple monthly layouts to write your self-care goals, any important notes and space for you to rate your self-care progress out of 10.
  • Space for you to reflect on the good things that have happened during each week and the things that you think have been challenging.
  • Worksheets where you can list one thing that you’re grateful for each day so you can get the full benefits of practicing regular gratitude.
  • Space for you to list the things that make you feel good when you’re feeling down or struggling to love and take care of yourself.
  • Colouring in pages so you can tap into your creative side and encourage your creativity.

There’s no need to continue feeling unhappy, having low self-esteem or continue making your mental health become worse and becoming anxious and depressed when it doesn’t have to be that way.  Don’t make it more difficult then it needs to be to come back and heal from burn out.  Make your self-care as basic of a necessity as showering regularly and brushing your teeth.

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How will it be delivered?

When you purchase your workbook an instant downloadable PDF file will be sent to your email address immediately after you purchase.  The file can be saved to any electronic device compatible with opening PDF documents and print on A4 paper when needed.  Once printed you can change the order of the months so you can start your workbook at any time of the year.

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The Benefits of Self-Care

You know about the benefits of self-care right?  When you practice regular self-care you’re more motivated and productive, you’re resistance to illness and disease is improved and you’re not getting sick all of the time.  You feel good about yourself, you have enhanced self-esteem and you know that you’re a worthwhile person who is valuable, competent and deserving.  You become more aware of yourself, what your needs are and how to meet those needs in a positive way.  You also have more empathy and compassion towards other people.

<< Don’t put off your own self-care and mental health any longer.  
The time for you and your well-being is now. >>

Here’s to finding your best you, 


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5 Blog Posts about Self-Care and Positive Mental Health you Won’t Want to Miss

I am incredibly passionate about the concept of self-care and how it sets a solid foundation for having positive mental health and a positive mindset.  I had never understood how important it is to take care of yourself until I experienced what it was to feel tired, burnt out and ready to give up on everything that I had valued and believed in.  I’m not only passionate about these few things.  I am passionate about working with women, hearing their stories of growth and empowerment and sharing their stories about what self-care and positive mental health mean to them.

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In this blog post I share with you five blog posts about self-care for women and positive mental health written by four amazing and talented women.   In this post I share blog posts written by Alexis, Haley, Heather, Ari and Ann-Marie.  I share with you self-care ideas that you can easily include in your day to day life and a personal journey healing from Anorexia.  I share a post about how regularly saying positive affirmations is not only beneficial for ourselves but those around us and lessons learned from journaling for 100 days straight.  Finally, I share a post that encourages us to give ourselves permission to be that person who we want and are destined to be.


1. Self-Care Ideas to Include in your Day to Day Life 

Alexis from Simply Nichole shares six ways that you can include self-care into your day to day life that are easy and do not take a lot of time nor effort.   She talks about including activities such as reading a book, regular meditation and binge watching your favourite television show on Netflix.  You can read the full post here.

Share your photos of you practicing self-care using the hashtag #selfcaresunday on our Facebook Group.  Haven’t join yet?  Click here!


2. A Personal Story about Healing from Anorexia 

Haley, from Adventures of Southern Motherhood, shares her personal story about living with Anorexia and her journey to recovery.  In her post, Haley shares the importance of recognising that Anorexia is a mental illness based on unhelpful and unrealistic beliefs about ourselves and that recovery is possible.



3. How Positive Affirmations are Beneficial to those Around Us

Heather from Blissed Out Mums, shares the importance of practicing what we preach, especially for those round us, including our children.  Heather talks about encouraging children to recite positive affirmations in order to influence and grow motivation.  However, for this to work for our children, we must practice and recite positive affirmations ourselves.  Remember when I talked about self-doubt in this blog post and I explained how our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us largely come from our care givers?  This is exactly what Heather is getting at.  Our children need to see us believe and feel positive about ourselves in order for them to believe and feel positive about themselves.


4. Lessons Learned from 100 Days of Journaling 

Ari, from Polish Your Sparkle shares us her lessons that she had learned from journaling for 100 days straight.  You hear a lot about journaling and how it is good for mental health, mindfulness, personal reflection and growth and reading the lessons that Ari learned illustrates exactly why.  Click here to read the full blog post!

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5. Give Yourself Permission to Be Who you Want to Be

Finally, in this blog post, Ann-Marie shares some wise words with us and tells us that we need to give ourselves permission to be the person that we want to be.  Once we give ourselves permission we can then use every opportunity that we can to change our thinking, make it automatic and become who we want to be.

Here’s to finding your best you.



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